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Our Spanish school is in Costa Rica, a small country located in Central America. Its territory covers about 51000 Kms2 , and has a coastline of more than 1000 Kms to the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. It is crossed by a volcanic mountain chain, which forms the valleys where most of the Costa Ricans live. Costa Rica's climate is exceptional, especially in San JosÈ, the capital city, where the average temperature is 23†C (about 73† F). Because of this mild climate, Costa Ricans dress informally during the whole year. In the evening, they only wear a light sweater if they go out to enjoy the night life. At the plains and beaches, the climate is warmer. There, we recommend lighter clothes and swimming suits. In the mountains, the temperature is cool but comfortable. Our country has a privileged location in the continent. It is a cultural bridge between the North and the South. During the Pre-Colombian period, it was influenced by both the Mayan and the Incan cultures. Evidence of such influence are the archaeological treasures shown at our museums in San JosÈ.
Costa Rica is also a biological bridge. Numerous birds live in our tropical forests, and several species of turtles spawn on our beaches. An extraordinary amount of plant and animal species make our country the focus of interest of scientists, researchers and nature lovers. In fact, Costa Rica's wealth and beauty lie on its biodiversity, protected by a National Park System, natural refugees, and protected zones, which cover more than 20% of the nation's territory. Most of these parks are open all year round, thus offering the visitors a perfect opportunity to enjoy nature. High mountains, lakes, volcanoes and a great number of beaches are a complement to the beautiful scenery. The "Ticos", as everybody calls us, are peaceful people. We are proud of not having an army, which was abolished in 1948.The Costa Ricans, in general, are friendly and warm, and have an established cultural tradition, reflected in constant art exhibitions, concerts and theater presentations. As a result, Costa Rica is a unique country, a paradise for those who enjoy peace, nature and culture.